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Brief Overview of CreditCardXpress®
CreditCardXpress® (CCX) - a cross platform payment card solution for merchants requiring a reliable, cost effective, payment card solution that can scale to support high transaction rates while maintaining acceptable response times.
CreditCardXpress (CCX) processes credit, debit, check, gift or purchase card transactions using Elavon, the fourth largest payment card processor in North America.
  • Sends transactions directly to Elavon bypassing 3rd party processors. This eliminates the costs, performance and security issues caused by 3rd party processors.
  • Trustwave® verified to be implemented consistent with the Payment Card Industries Data Security Standards (PCI DSS).
  • Provides sample HTML and JavaScript code that illustrates how a merchant might interface their shopping cart, mail order and/or telephone order system to the CCX gateway.
  • Supports Elavon's eCommerce, Retail and Mail Order/Telephone Order (MOTO) market segments.
  • Supports the transaction types required by the merchant to support each of the above market segments. Transaction types include for example: SALE, PRE-AUTHORIZATION, FORCE, CREDIT, and VOID.
  • Supports the following batch transaction types: CURRENT, PREVIOUS, PURGE and SETTLEMENT.
  • Supports multiple merchant accounts and Terminal IDs per merchant account.
  • Built using an Identity Access Management system that enforces user authentication and authorization.
  • Supports numerous security and quality control features including AVS, CVV2, 256-bit encryption, message digests, LUHN formula validation, card number masking, IBM and Elavon certification.
Consider purchasing CreditCardXpress for the following reasons:
  • Affordable
  • Cut out the middlemen, reduce your processing fees.
  • Implemented consistent with PCI DSS
  • Built on an Identity Access Management system that controls who has access to specific capabilities within the system.
  • Comes with sample code to assist the merchant integrate and customize.

Please make sure you review and understand the product requirements for CreditCardXpress .

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